Am 27.Oktober konnte nach knapp zwei Jahren Coronapause wieder der Shakespeare Workshop stattfinden. Wie immer war der Workshop ein voller Erfolg.  Da er im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts durchgeführt wird, haben die Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnen ihr Feedback selbstverständlich in englischer Sprache verfasst.

The Shakespeare Workshop is a Workshop by British actor and theatre practitioner Julius D’Silva. Julius is a professional who works at British theatres and even acted in Netflix shows like “The Crown” or “Bridgerton”, season 3.

Julius created the workshop called “Shakespeare für Schulen” in order to inspire and help students with Shakespeare. It costs ca 12€ and takes 90 minutes.

During the Workshop Julius will teach you the very basics of acting in a theatre. This involves a lot of interaction and movement. You are not sitting at a desk, talking about a play. You actually need a lot of space for this workshop.

The first thing he told us was to walk at different speed levels and to change the speed at his direction. So we learned to improve our reaction because he changed the speed very often and very quickly.

Then he trained us to listen to the rhythm because Shakespeare´s language is all about the rhythm. By using different techniques involving clapping, stomping or snapping our fingers, we learned that you can remember words and whole lines, just because you know the rhythm.

When we worked on the play Romeo and Juliet we chose our partners with whom we practiced how loudly we could speak or shout.

I loved being there and think the 12€ were definitely worth it. Julius teaches in a very funny way which makes the students feel a lot more comfortable trying out the interactions without being afraid to fail.

                                                                                                           Philipp Pätkau, (edited by SagT)

“What I liked most was that you (Julius) were able to create an atmosphere where everyone seemed to feel comfortable. In my experience most of my classmates get very uncomfortable when it comes to presentations, role plays, etc. In the workshop, however, that was not the case.” Celine

In my opinion, the Shakespeare workshop was a great experience. I would want everyone to at least experience it once.” Michelle

“I am really thankful that we got the chance to join this workshop and I would recommend it to others as well.” Eva

“What I liked the most was to see how my classmates acted or presented your exercises in front of the class. I would never have expected that some of them are actually quite talented when it comes to acting.” Jule